Our Team

The team behind the Loveland Farm Sanctuary vision currently consists of three intrepid board members. We'll be looking to expand our LFS family by enlisting the help of generous volunteers in the coming months.

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Paris Connolly - founder & Executive Director

Building a rescue center for abused and neglected farm animals has been a goal of Paris' pretty much since the day she made the switch from vegetarian to vegan (November of 2013). After stumbling across the heartbreaking atrocities of the factory farming world for meat, eggs and diary, she couldn’t dismiss the pain and suffering she had witnessed helpless animals going through. This hard truth, combined with the widely accepted science that animals feel emotions in ways similar - if not more enhanced - than what humans go through was enough for her to say, “I don’t want any part of this” and “There has to be a better way – a way in which I can personally help.” Subsequently, the Happily Ever Esther Sanctuary was in the beginning stages of their fundraising process. Paris drew inspiration from this sweet pig and her family to reaffirm what her heart was already encouraging her to do. Loveland Farm Sanctuary was founded less than a year later. Paris currently lives in Corona Del Mar, CA with her fiance and best friend, Dave. :)


Dave Mckeown - treasurer

They say that behind every successful man is a woman rolling her eyes. Dave is proof of how wrong that statement is. Paris, a hugely successful woman, is miles down the road, making her dreams come true and helping change lives one day at a time whilst he struggles to catch his breath.

Dave is delighted to be a part of bringing Loveland Farm Sanctuary to life in both his role of Treasurer and partner to Paris. His day job as a business consultant means that from time to time he's able to offer advice, of varying degrees of usefulness, on building the organization. He is most useful, however in the kitchen and makes a mean hearts of palm carnitas. If you're lucky you might catch him doing an occasional cooking demo at local Vegan food festivals.


Corrin Marquez - Board Member

Corrin has been an animal advocate for as long as she can remember and grew up in a household of cat rescuers. After coming across a book discussing the energy absorbed through consuming animal products and the terror animals face, the world of right and wrong came crashing down around her. She adopted a vegan lifestyle almost immediately and began feverishly researching the world of true animal rights and the benefits of plant based health. With a background in management and non profit organizations, Corrin is now a Certified Holistic Health Coach and owns Peace On Purpose Wellness Coaching in Orange County. She is looking forward to and fully committed to getting Loveland up and running to educate and improve the health of the the community, and most near and dear to her heart... save the precious animals that so badly need us! She lives in Irvine with her husband and two furry sons, Bentley and Raider!