$960 Raised at ARNC!

We have no words for how amazing the Animal Rights Natl. Conference hosted by @farmusa was this past weekend. The buzz in this place; the energy of all the attendees, speakers, exhibitors, conference staff and volunteers; the generosity of everyone who stopped by our booth and who donated to all the other worthy causes... it blows our mind how amazing the vegan and animal rights community is, especially when we are all working together for a mission that is greater than ourselves.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all the devoted moms around the world who give so much heart and soul to their babies and families. You are the unsung heroes that extend love from one generation to the next. Not to be overlooked, we wish to also acknowledge the millions of non-human animal moms who heartbreakingly never get the chance to nurture and care for their offspring due to a cruel, outdated food system that profits off of mass producing then ripping families apart. 

Recap of Our Field Trip to Farm Sanctuary!

Our field trip to Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres was a success! We chartered 18 people by bus up to Acton on Sunday to see the property and spend a couple of hours with their rescued animals. The tour was informative and educational on the atrocities of the animal agricultural industry, while also recognizing the individual stories of the residents who were fortunate enough to escape the grim fate that so many others are subjected to just by being born into a very corrupt and broken food system.