Loveland Farm Sanctuary is a sanctuary in the making, working to build a rescue center for abused and neglected farm animals.


Our Mission

The vision for Loveland Farm Sanctuary – a sanctuary in the making - is to become a safe haven for rescued farm animals that have endured a life of cruelty and abuse. By introducing these curious creatures to a world that consumes them on a daily basis, but knows little about them, we’re looking to provide additional context to members of the Orange County community (and surrounding areas) who most likely have had limited exposure to the animals they may eat. Caretakers at the sanctuary will lead each tour, practicing love and compassion when handling the residents of LFS. Our goal is that visitors will arrive at our sanctuary and leave transformed, simply through the exposure that they’ll get from time spent with our animals.

We at Loveland Farm Sanctuary stand with global leaders and academics who have made it apparent, through their data and research, that the current approach to self-preservation, health and environmental reform needs a complete overhaul. We believe firmly in the solution that they have provided of adopting a vegan diet, and recognize that it complements the desire for social reform where the well being of farm animals are concerned.

At LFS, we look to go further than the individual contribution of adopting a vegan diet; our goal is to empower members of the community to foster this approach for themselves, as well as to provide businesses with the tools they need to extend their learning beyond LFS out into their own communities. Our three-tiered solution is comprised of:

  • Educational opportunities on vegan living for the public
  • Training opportunities on building a business for vegan-based start-ups
  • Investment opportunities in vegan-based start ups for funders

Our mission is to answer the immediate call for action by being the first farm sanctuary in Orange County, offering a hands-on, interactive learning experience to the community, businesses and investors.


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As of 12/01/2017

What We've Achieved

Upon deciding that rescuing farm animals from harm would be our life's mission, we got to work immediately promoting and fundraising to bring the cause to fruition. To date, here is what we've accomplished:

  • Established Loveland Farm Sanctuary as a non-profit entity in the state of California
  • Developed a comprehensive 14-page business plan to attract private donors
  • Formed Sign Up for Love, the fundraising arm of LFS to solicit individual contributions, raising over $8,000
  • Volunteered with local vegan-related non-profits and farm animals in need
  • Held inaugural organization-planned fundraiser, raising close to $14,000