A Sanctuary in the Making.


The vision for Loveland Farm Sanctuary - a sanctuary in the making - is to become a safe haven for rescued farm animals that have endured a life of cruelty and abuse.

By introducing these curious, emotionally complex creatures to a world that knows little about them, we’re looking to provide additional context to members of the Orange County community (and surrounding areas) on the unique personalities of our future residents and their individual stories.


Our first Fundraiser was a success!


Our Mission

At LFS, we look to go further than the individual contribution of adopting a vegan lifestyle; our goal is to empower members of the Orange County community to foster this approach for themselves, as well as to provide businesses with the tools they need to extend their learning beyond LFS out into their own communities.

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Take Action

Out there in the world, there are millions of farm animals desperate to be rescued from their deplorable living conditions and the eventual, heartbreaking fate that awaits them. We're looking for generous donors - sharing in our mission, vision and values - who will help us get started as soon as possible. 

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