Our First Spring Fundraiser... A Success!

Newland Barn Loveland Farm Sanctuary Fundraiser 4 2 17

YOU DID IT!!! Last Sunday, you came out to support us and absolutely blew us away with your generosity!! Because of every single one of you, our Spring Fundraiser was a SUCCESS!!! Let's not forget the incredible support we received from organizations around the globe committed to compassion for all animals; with their help, we totaled close to $30,000 in donations and raised just shy of $14,000 for the future residents of LFS!

This was our very first organizational initiative to make our presence known on a large scale to Orange County and the surrounding areas, so attendance really could have gone either way. But because I know that the goal of rescuing farm animals in need is so critically important to our community, (I've talked to so many of you over the years), I should not have been surprised in the slightest by how many compassionate, kind and loving hearts turned out for this event.

As a result of this phenomenal generosity, we now have enough funding to take the next step in our fundraising efforts, which will get us closer to the ultimate goal of acquiring property!! Stay tuned in the coming weeks to learn about our next initiative to continue the momentum!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up on Sunday. I know now more than ever that we are on our way to rescue, rehabilitation and residence for those who need us the most. We can't fail with this kind of coming together. You are all amazing. Lots of love to you, with sincere thanks and gratitude - Paris

Check out the photos below to experience the magic of our community when we work together!