Happy Cruelty-Free Easter

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Happy Easter everyone! Just a little background on Easter Eggs we wanted to share today, as it’s important that we understand and recognize the impact we’re having in the name of traditions we follow. 

If you weren’t already aware, egg-laying hens live in extremely cruel and confined conditions on factory farms (where 98% of eggs in the US are produced). In addition to living their entire life in a battery cage with 7 or 8 other birds in a space the size of a filing cabinet (too small to even turn around or spread their wings in), farmers also put them through a process called “forced molting” to speed up egg production: denying chickens food and light for days to increase weight and feather loss. So basically they’re starved and living in the darkness so humans can eat and dye eggs that they naturally produce for themselves. ⠀

Also part of the process: to avoid pecking which increases in stressful environments, the hens will have their beaks sliced off with a hot blade and zero painkillers; upon being deemed “spent” or worthless once their egg production slows down, they’ll in some cases, be buried alive as a means for disposal rather than the supplier having to fork out extra money to pay for them to be relocated.

Doesn’t this all sound a bit extreme for a fleeting few moments, intended to be a time of celebration and graciousness for the resurrection of the Christian savior - a man who was renown for his compassion and kindness toward all of his creations?

“But it’s tradition and it’s not harming me personally, right?” 
Wrong. More than 650,000 Americans get sick annually from salmonella-tainted eggs. Total number of Americans who die from salmonella-tainted eggs annually averages around 600.
Just because something is a tradition and part of one’s religious practice or culture does not make it right. Many practices throughout history have involved causing harm to other humans, but we’ve done away with many of those customs and habits because we have learned that it is morally wrong and unethical to cause harm. No one has to give up their religious beliefs to live cruelty-free whenever possible. 💜

Animals have never belonged to us. They live here with us and they have their own unique needs and interests. If we have it within our power to be kind and caring toward our fellow earthlings, why would we choose any other path? 

This Easter, please choose reusable plastic eggs to fill with cruelty free vegan treats or vegan chocolate eggs instead. 💜

Information courtesy of peta