Recap of Our Field Trip to Farm Sanctuary!

Photo Apr 29, 4 20 57 PM.jpg

Our field trip to Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres was a success! We chartered 18 people by bus up to Acton on Sunday to see the property and spend a couple of hours with their rescued animals. The tour was informative and educational on the atrocities of the animal agricultural industry, while also recognizing the individual stories of the residents who were fortunate enough to escape the grim fate that so many others are subjected to just by being born into a very corrupt and broken food system.

Our hope is that members of our group were able to walk away feeling the sense of peace that Farm Sanctuary is able to offer to those who have been abused and neglected, and that they experienced a deeper connection with animals commonly raised for food by spending time with them and experiencing their unique personalities. We also hope that anyone who might still be consuming animals on the tour walked away considering the alternative options to meat, dairy and eggs as to not cause additional suffering and exploitation to the lives of these animals who want to live just as much as we do.

It was a wonderful experience and we hope to have many more trips like this in the future. ✨💗✌🏼

Here a few images from our trip. To see all of the wonderful snapshots we got of the event, head over to the full album on our Facebook page!