Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mothers

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the devoted moms around the world who give so much heart and soul to their babies and families. You are the unsung heroes that extend love from one generation to the next. 

Not to be overlooked, we wish to also acknowledge the millions of non-human animal moms who heartbreakingly never get the chance to nurture and care for their offspring due to a cruel, outdated food system that profits off of mass producing then ripping families apart. 

If you are still consuming dairy, please know that you are contributing to the unnecessary suffering of mother cows who are forcibly impregnated over and over throughout the course of their lives only to have their babies taken away within 48 hours (on average) so humans can collect the milk for themselves. Female bovine are extremely social creatures, and upon becoming mothers, form incredibly close bonds with their babies. It has been documented that they will chase down the truck that is carrying their baby away in (to become veal or await the same fate as mom) and cry for weeks following the separation. 

If you are still consuming animal products, you are unfortunately still contributing to the unnecessary pain of mothers and babies who cannot be close enough to connect and love one another. Female pigs are routinely impregnated and isolated from their babies for the entirety of their lives in a gestation crate: a cage the same width as their body, so tiny they cannot even turn around in. Their babies never know the touch or feel of their mother nurturing and loving them. They are close enough to nurse, but can’t be cared for by their mothers who are so confined they have been known to lay down unknowingly on top of their babies, crushing them to death. 

Please, this Mother’s Day, consider those forgotten mothers who will never have the chance to love their babies. Consider the babies who will never know the touch and love of their mothers. And finally, please consider purchasing alternatives to animal products so we can end this cycle of unnecessary sadness and suffering for good. 💗