$960 Raised at ARNC!

We have no words for how amazing the Animal Rights Natl. Conference hosted by @farmusa was this past weekend. The buzz in this place; the energy of all the attendees, speakers, exhibitors, conference staff and volunteers; the generosity of everyone who stopped by our booth and who donated to all the other worthy causes... it blows our mind how amazing the vegan and animal rights community is, especially when we are all working together for a mission that is greater than ourselves. And that is... first and foremost, always for the animals; for them to have the right to their own lives and bodies, to be seen as individuals and to be treated with the dignity and respect that we extend to others of our own species. We are so incredibly proud to be a part of this community. Over three days we captured so much amazing stuff, but alas we’re at a ten picture maximum so take a look at some of our highlights including having @laureleeblanchard from the amazing Leilani Sanctuary in Maui stop by and support our cause. We also got to hear her speak and share helpful tips for running a sanctuary. 💜🙌🏼 @earthlinged was also a presenter and gave a fantastic talk on how grassroots activism has had a major affect on the rise of Veganism in the UK; we attended the banquet dinner and saw a live painting of a beautiful cow created right in front of us in under 7 minutes, saw the screening of @dominionmovement which injected even more determination to create LFS and up our activism; and Maggie our first rescue dog got some love from @veganevan 🌱💗 So many wonderful moments, memories and learning experiences. We can’t wait for next year! A special shoutout to @ragdoll77@amstache76 and @sarahjanevegan for volunteering at our booth! You are amazing! 🙏🏼💜🙏🏼💜Thank you again to everyone who donated and took home a sign - you are what keep us going! 🙌🏼💕💗